Pay Per Click, often shortened to PPC, is a great marketing channel to raise awareness to your business. The most common form of PPC is seen in search ranking results pages in the style of text ads or visual shopping ads which feature an image of your produce on a carousel.

Through keyword research and audience targeting PPC is an extremely cost-effective way of getting your site in front potential customers. Contact Digital Optimisations today to discuss how our PPC digital agency service can take your business to the next level.

Google Ads Management

Our team are experts in Google ads management with setting you up for success at the forefront of our strategy. We help rank you at the top for your keywords and products when searched. 

Microsoft Ads Management

Often Microsoft Ads are used in conjunction with Google ads in a client’s paid marketing strategy. The keywords, ad copy, and product listing data can frequently remain the same. Despite having a much smaller audience pool, Microsoft ads contains less competition.

Google Shopping Ads

Pivotal in any e-commerce paid marketing strategy. Google shopping ads allow products to be showcased at the top of search results and feature images, titles, and produce pricing. These ads are highly visual and intent-driven.

Youtube Ads

Our team has many years working on YouTube in-stream video ads. We can put a game-changing brand awareness strategy together to get you featured on videos getting millions of views.

Display Ads

Using the display network, we can get your brand, services, and products featured on millions of websites. Careful placement research ensures we are cost-effective in this visual ad type.

Meta (Facebook / Instagram) Ads

Both Facebook and Instagram Ads are managed through Meta Ads Manager which offers a seamless and integrated advertising experience across these two social media platforms. User profiling allows audience targeting to be enabled for ads based on interests, location, age & activity.

Linkedin Ads

LinkedIn’s targeting options give us the power to reach specific demographics, job titles, industries, and company sizes, making it an ideal platform for B2B marketing and professional networking. These ads can take various forms, including in-feed content, InMail, display ads, and dynamic ads.

Tiktok Ads

The rise of Tiktok through lockdown has established this fast-paced short video social network. Using video content we can promote your brand to a ever expanding target demographic.


Our team has vast experience in applying remarketing as a strategy to paid accounts. We can target warm website users who abandoned the checkout before making a purchase, or perhaps they started the contact form but didn’t finish!


Let our expert team review your paid marketing accounts. This can be a great way to find quick wins and errors in the account.

Our audit is designed to help you become better in your paid strategy and avoids any “hard sale” or “must pay to find out” jargon used by other agencies.  We prove ourselves with the quality of our work.

Concerned about current performance?

In need of strategic advice?

Looking to scale up paid performance?

Digital Optimisations are proud to showcase our results provided in 2023 since taking over the Eurofit Direct PPC management. We completed a full audit and restructure improving all aspects of the paid strategy with a profit led approach. 


Increase in Conversion Rate.


Increase in Revenue (19% increase in cost).


Increase in Return On Investment.

Why Choose Us?


Digital Optimisations is a small digital marketing agency that prides itself in producing only the highest quality work for our clients.  We go beyond the extra mile for our clients and work alongside them to bring the best out of the paid marketing strategy.

Building up long-term, honest, and loyal relationships is at the forefront of our plans because this leads to the most success in results (via the form of conversions & revenue). The reward will always follow the hard work we put in.

Keeping Up With The Trends…


The paid marketing industry is forever changing. This may be in the form of new campaign types introduced from Google (Performance Max in 2023) or perhaps new attribution models (Data-Driven in 2022) or maybe even new analytical platforms altogether (GA4 in 2023). So we know that is super important to stay ahead of the game.

Our philosophy looks into being one of the best in your industry. Making sure that our clients’ paid marketing strategy is much better and quicker in response to trends than that of your competitors. Being first in PPC often means winning the sale.